cast of West Side Story
Sean Patrick Doyle and Jeremy Dumont
Sean Patrick Doyle performing 'Cool' onstage in Bologna, Italy
Left: Sean Patrick Doyle and Jeremy Dumont as Baby John and Arab.
Right: Sean Patrick performing the "Cool" breakouts.
West Side Story began rehearsals on October 10th, 2005 in Macau, China and opened on November 1st. The year-long tour included sitdowns at some of Asia and Europe's most prestigious venues including Singapore's Esplanade Theater on the Bay, the historic Bologna Opera House in Italy, The Dresden Semper Opera in Germany, and the notable Bunkamura Theater in Tokyo. The tour concluded in Bangkok, Thailand on October 16th, 2006, having played China, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. The tour was produced by BB Promotion in Germany and was presented by BB Promotion, Sundance International, and Broadway Asia. The production was staged by Broadway choreographer Joey McKneely (The Boy from Oz, The Life, Smokey Joe's Cafe, and The Wild Party), one of three directors approved by Robbins Rights Trust to restage the original Jerome Robbins Choreography. Sean Patrick Doyle portrayed Baby John, the youngest member of the Jets.
Before Jet Song
Above: The Jets (from Left to Right) Adam Lendermon, Chad Seib, David Morrison, Graham Kurtz, Karl Wahl, Justin Braboy-Hapner, Jeremy Dumont, Sean Patrick Doyle and Brett Leigh.
Before Jet Song
Above: the Jets huddle after the Prologue to discuss the challenge at the gym.
Scene before Cool
Above: (from Left to Right) David Morrison, Jeremy Dumont, Sean Patrick Doyle and Sara Dobbs watch as Doc (Herman Petras) is confronted by Action (Brett Leigh).
Before Jet Song
Above: Cool Breakout. Sean Patrick is fourth from the right.
Above: The Quintet
West Side Story Ballet
Above: The West Side Story Ballet. "There's a Place for us..."
Officer Krupke
Officer Krupke
Sean Patrick Doyle as the Stenographer in Officer Krupke
Above: three photos from Officer Krupke, with Sean Patrick as an elderly social worker, a psychiatrist's clock, and a gum-popping courtroom stenographer.
Scene following Officer Krupke
Above: post-Officer Krupke, Anybodys (Sara Dobbs) reveals that Chino is looking for Tony.